Resto Apparel Manufacturing was founded out of a strong desire to impress customers and bless workers. In our mind, industries which cause much angst (i.e. dye sublimation) also offer the greatest opportunities for stunning performance. We refuse to let the fate of  your time/quality sensitive product rest in the hands of disinterested manufacturers on the other side of the world and instead take on the responsibility ourselves offering unmatched timeliness, customer service, and reliability. We actually are the manufacturer. We are in USA. We fully own and operate two facilities equipped with state of the art printing, laser cutting, and sewing technologies. We produce 1800+ custom units/day, providing dignified work for local refugees and marginalized peoples.  Every shirt produced acts to RESTO(re) dignity in an industry where customer and worker mistreatment is the norm. You will find nothing less than superior service and quality at a factory-direct price - guaranteed.