Custom Marching Band & Color Guard Uniforms

For marching bands, color guards, and drum corps, uniforms are an extension of the performance—they tell the audience what sort of show to expect, and give a glimpse into what sort of environment the groups are hoping to cultivate. Unfailingly, marching bands want to generate a high degree of spirit; flashy uniforms to make the spectacle of the half-time show or parade that much more engaging are a great way to get everyone in the stands or on the sidelines singing along to the school fight song when the time comes. 

During a game, uniforms are the only real way to differentiate between the two sides, and the last thing you want is to be the side whose band, color guards, and drum corps look lackluster. At the end of the day, watching a marching band is a visceral experience that relies equally on dynamic sights and sounds, so investing in custom drum major/majorette uniforms, or taking the time to thoughtfully design the outfits for the entire marching band will have a massive effect on the audience’s overall response to the performance. 


What is Dye Sublimation?

Unlike other printing methods, dye sublimation turns a dye from a solid to a gas directly, skipping the liquid phase entirely, thus eliminating the eventual issues mentioned above. This results in a much higher quality print and provides you the assurance that your custom designs will stand the test of time, no matter how many afternoons your band members spend practicing, performing, or competing in their custom uniforms. 

The marching band does more than provide the soundtrack to school events—they set the tone, create the right atmosphere, and imbue the surroundings with a sense of spirit. If you’re ready to outfit your marching band in uniforms that truly align with the attitude and aesthetic that you’re hoping to convey, then request a quote online today to get in touch with the Resto Apparel team!


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