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Looking for a Reliable Wholesale Dye Sublimation Manufacturer?

We are USA-based private label manufacturers looking to partner with you to make you a hero with your customers.

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Daily Capacity of Thousands. Your Brand in the Collar. Three Print, Cut & Sew Facilities. USA Peace of Mind. Factory Direct Reseller Pricing. Unlimited Customization.


YOU Have Complete Control Because WE DO.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

Sublimated Wholesale Sportswear (SWS) is a Kansas City, MO based maker of custom wholesale sublimated clothing and apparel.  From sports uniforms and jerseys to branded polos and other custom apparel, we are your one-stop shop for custom athletic, league, and company garments. Our facilities not only print your wholesale dye sublimated apparel, but also laser cut and sew them together complete in house.

SWS builds your brand, not someone else's, by delivering high quality custom clothing private labeled and blind shipped direct to your customer. By blending domestic and international manufacturing we’re able to offer reliable services at extremely low wholesale pricing. And, because we fully own and operate our three manufacturing facilities. we’re able to maintain tight control over quality and delivery times.

What is Dye Sublimation?


In order to create our custom wholesale dye sublimated apparel, ink is bonded to the fabric at the molecular level through the use of heat and pressure in a process known as dye sublimation. With dye sublimation, the images on our products are made to withstand the punishments sports and daily use can dish out ensuring a long-lasting print that is resistant to fading, flaking, scratching, or wearing off.  You can rest assured that your team logos, numbers, and other designs will withstand wear, heavy use, and washing over and over.

We Build Your Brand


Our professional art team

will design for your customer


Unlimited customization.


No middle man!

24 / 7 production tracking

from start to finish.


We will send a photo of your project printed on fabric for color and design approval.


2 week standard delivery! Blind Shipped. Reliable tracking straight to your door.

Based In The USA

SWS is an American company with a diverse workforce of people who eagerly apply their talents to bringing your ideas to life.  With unmatched customer service, from design to final product you are in control.  Our customer service team is ready to respond to your needs and address any concerns.