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4.1 oz Interlock
100% Poly Performance, Snag-resist Interlock 2-way Stretch (All Classic Jerseys)
3.8 Interlock
Super-Soft Interlock, 2 way stretch. Lighter Classics (Soccer, Hot Weather Classics, Fishing, etc.)
4.1 oz Flatback Mesh
Flatback Snag Resist Mesh - printed on the mesh or flat side (All Classic Jerseys + $1.00)
6 oz Flatback Mesh
Heavy Flatback Snag Resist Mesh - printed on mesh side or smooth side (Hockey, Rugby, Warm-ups) + $2.00
5.8 Pindot Mesh
94 Polyester/6 Spandex mesh. Spandex 4 way stretch (Upgrades to most sports)
6 oz Stretch Mesh
94 Polyester/6 Spandex Snag Resist 4 way stretch (Football Jerseys, Baseball Shirt Back)
Woven Performance
5.5 oz Woven Wicking Performance. (Fight Shorts, Medical Scrubs, Softball Shorts, etc.)
8.5oz Heavy Mesh
8.5 oz Warp Knit 92 Polyester/8 Spandex 4 way stretch rugged performance mesh (Primarily Football)
6 oz Poly/Spandex
84 Polyester/6 Spandex Performance Jersey 4 way stretch (Compression Garments, Rash Guards, Premier Soccer, Leggings, Volleyball)
5.9 oz Scuba
5.9 oz 100% Poly-Performance Double-nit Jersey. (Full Button Baseball, Pants, Heavy Shorts, Warm-ups, Hockey)
Heavy Stretch Lycra
9 oz Warp Knit 92 Polyester/8 Lycra 4 way stretch rugged performance jersey (Football)
Heavy Scuba
100% Polyester Heavy Scuba Material (baseball pants, football pants, hockey jerseys)
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